Our most common questions are listed below, if you have a question not listed here, please contact us via the "Contact Us!" page above

Question 1: Do you Deliver?

We deliver to most areas in Travis County. Full details can be found under the "Delivery Zone" Tab above. Our delivery prices currently include delivery, set up, and pick up. Alternatively you can pick up your rental from "5512 Steven Creek Way" for free! 

Question 2: Do I need to clean tables/chairs/tablecloths?

Most Rental items do not need to be cleaned before returning. Exceptions for this include unreasonably dirty equipment (dirt, food residue, etc). All rental items will be delivered in a clean state but reasonable use it expected. 

Question 3: What fees will I be charged?

We try not to charge fees as much as possible. We take pride in providing top-quality service and prefer to receive payment only from our rentals. Despite this, we must charge certain fees in certain situations to allow us to continue providing our services to you. Our most common fess are delivery fees, rush fees (orders placed less than 36 hours before pickup/delivery time. Our website automatically blocks off times less than 36 hours away, you will have to call/text/email to place these orders), and cleaning/damage/replacement fees. We check all our items for appearance and cleanliness beforehand. If an item is returned with damage occurring during the rental period, you will be charged accordingly. Below are images of items that are considered either dirty (cleaning fee) or requiring replacment (replacment/damage fee). 

Question 4: How do you navigate the website?

Go to the "Rental Catalog" above and check out the tabs for the items you need. Specify your rental period to verify availability of the items. Add items to your cart. Check under the "Delivery Zone" tab and press "Check Address Here" to verify your delivery zone. Press the cart icon at the top right, confirm your rental period (Start time is pickup/delivery time, Stop time is return/Pick up time), Check off your delivery or customer pick up option, and checkout. It is best to make an account at checkout. The information collected will be passed on to our team so that we can complete your order. Pay the 25% down payment and you are good to go!

Question 5: Is there a deposit/down payment? Why? Do I have to pay with card?

Yes, we do charge a down payment. The down payment is 25% of your order total and is nonrefundable. If you need to change the date of the delivery, we may be able to accommodate. If we can accommodate, then you will not lose your down payment. If you need to cancel, we will not refund your initial payment. Cancelations can be done up to 24 hours before your event. The reason we charge this is because our items are in high demand, and by holding items for one customer means other customers are not able to book out the same item. We must recoup lost revenue. The initial 25% must be paid via card, which we will keep on file in cases where fees need to be charged. The reaminder can be paid in cash if you let us know ahead of time, otherwise the remaining 75% balance will be charged up to 24 hours before your scheduled pickup/delivery.